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This type of carpet is used as to decorate rooms. It is a product that is sold in various sizes according to the needs of our customers. There are usually two types of carpet design : Modern or Contemporary and Classic Style or depending on the type of room you decorate .
The purpose of the area rug is to bring together the elements of the room and group seating areas smoothly.

Animal print for eclectic environments. / Photo: Animal Mafe MolinariEstampado for eclectic environments.

When you go to choose an area rug for your room , you should consider some important things like the style, material and size .

Style, There are infinite varieties of styles and designs. In addition to personal taste , you should take into account the existing decor and color palette of the room.

If the decor is bright and vibrant colors, the table may have to be a solid color, without drawings or designs. If instead the overall atmosphere is pale and neutral tones , you can play more with the drawings and transform it into a focal point within the room.

If the style of your home is traditional , Persian rugs are the most suitable . For a modern or avant-garde style go very well with geometric patterns such as circles , lines, etc. . For casual style environments , tissue rugs, such as jute , are ideal . For eclectic environments , animal prints rugs are excellent.

Material, Almost every room carpets are made of natural fibers. There are also synthetic fibers including nylon, and are cheaper and easier to maintain. The wool , jute and sisal are the materials that you choose if you want green carpet .

Jute rug for informal or casual settings. / Photo: Mafe MolinariAlfombra jute informal or casual settings. / Photo: Mafe Molinari

The choice of material depends on the budget and also the traffic has on the environment. In a living room or high traffic , children and pets, work much better than synthetic carpet fibers because it better withstand not only the use but also the stains. For a room of adults with little traffic , you can choose carpets of wool or silk.

Size, If you are selecting a rug for your living room or living room , try to choose one that is large enough to cover the area of the coffee table or coffee . Another important tip and designers always keep in mind is that at least the front legs of the sofa are resting on the carpet. That way , the carpet will not be ” floating” in the atmosphere , which is unacceptable for any decorator.

If the room is too large, a single mat will not do. In that case use more than one , placing the smaller sites like the entrance to the room , between two chairs or in front of the fireplace. Just keep in mind that the mats should be similar in design and color to give coherence and consistency to the environment.

If the carpet is going to be be used in a room, you must select a size where , moving chairs to sit at the table , they remain on the table.


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