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Selecting a carpet is an investment that will stay in your home for years. Carpet floors are most  selected products by the majority of consumers in the United States. It’s because your floor is the fifth wall of your room and also is the largest and contiguous block of color in the room.

We have some of the most select brands of flooring in the industry like Shaw, Mohawk, Fabrica, Royalty, Beaulieu, Masland Carpet.

Before you decide to put carpet on your floor , you should have some basic questions that will help you get the best type of carpet for your needs:

Does the room will be a formal or informal area?
How much traffic will move over the carpet?
Is it near the entrance where dirt can happen?
How will the carpet fit your decor ?
What kind of feeling you want in your room ?
Is air quality a concern? Look for carpet that is approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute for indoor air quality

Choose the types of fiber and carpet types based on their usage requirements.

Top reasons to buy carpet :

Decoration, The dynamic evolution of carpet manufacturing , today , offers a greater variety of choice in texture , color, style and price than any other floor covering.

Value, Carpet is one of the least expensive decorative items for the fourth and least expensive type of flooring . Carpet offers maximum investment value of the decor. Comparing prices per square foot.

Safety and Comfort, Carpets offers unparalleled comfort. Soft on little feet, legs and back reduces fatigue, prevents slips and glass objects do not break.

A natural insulator. The physical properties of the carpet to be an effective insulation against the cold , which can reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning.

Peace , tranquility and enhanced privacy. Carpet absorbs and contains noise, distracting noise dampening , and offers more privacy from room to room .

Improves indoor air. EPA scientists concluded that carpet can be beneficial in capturing and immobilizing potential allergy -causing particles , preventing them from re-entering the air system on the inside, if the carpet is cleaned regularly and properly maintained .

Durability and Easy Care. Advanced technology today allows manufacturers to offer right carpet for any residential or commercial space with optimal fibers that help the conversation of the carpets and stain resistance .

Fashion, quality, comfort , warmth and security. It is easy to understand why the carpet is still the first choice in flooring is the most purchased of any other type of floor covering .




West Coast Flooring offers you a variety of Carpet Floor. Laminate Floor comes in all shapes and colors, with a stone design or style and beauty of authentic real wood . As market leaders we are constantly developing new products that impress with their modern designs, quality brands and a unique relationship between value .

A beautiful floor is the foundation for a beautiful home . Beauty always resides in the eye of the notes , which is why we have a wide range of laminate flooring – from real wood styles or new floors that seem ancient to great designs .
Laminate flooring has to fit your lifestyle and not the other

The home is a place of retreat , a meeting place for friends and family, sometimes becomes a private club where we celebrate , laugh and dance.  A main condition is that the  laminate floor takes part in all this , and possessing especially comfortable features :

Integrated strength and impermeability to water system: A base plate impregnated HDF reaches maximum protection against moisture and strains derived therefrom .
Durable : Service life of housing in an area between 15 and 20 years
Robust Shock, shock, and pressure testing. Effect of friction resistant and scratch thanks to a special coating on the surface.

These are some of the many advantages offered by laminate flooring

West Coast Flooring naturally focuses on creating new products : Our laminate flooring are manufactured only with high quality materials and are made by more than 90 percent of wood. Designers pay attention to even the smallest details , to highlight the multifaceted effect laminate flooring : The decorations are distinguished by the intensity of its colors, the natural structures of surfaces and its special glow . We achieve this through a realistic copy of the real wood. Convince yourself and take a look at the collections of laminate flooring.

xxxxWest Coast Flooring you a variety of Carpets. Our rugs  bring you comfort and luxury for your home or office, also generates better acoustics in the place in which it is installed and works as an insulator at low temperatures, among other benefits.

But what should I set to buy a carpet? Some of the characteristics that determine the quality of the fiber mat is that it is made (wool, nylon, polypropylene, polyester, acrylic), the thickness of the mat, the density of the same, its weight and texture.

But do not overwhelm yourself with all the details you should take into consideration when buying your carpet … We have over 30 years supplying carpets to residential and hotel sector, we have all the expertise to advise you that in order to get the perfect carpet for your needs. Remember, we bring the store to your home.

The dynamic evolution of carpet manufacturing offers you a variety of choice in texture , color, style and price than any other floor covering. Our New Solana Beach Carpet store offer you the most select Carpet brands. to select the best carpet call to 877-221-0430 or chat with a Carpet Floor expert today. We offer you appointment at your location Home – Office


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