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West Coast Flooring offers you a variety of Hardwood Floors. Traditional wood floors are still being preferred when building or remodeling a home or business .
As the industry has grown and incorporated new technology has expanded the range of products and the possibilities of placing wood floors on any surface.

Should consider several factors when choosing a hardwood floor : the areas to be placed , the amount of traffic you receive that area , the quality of the floor on which the timber is placed , colors and finishes .

Placing a wood floor requires certain skills that make the professional rather than the client. However, it is important to have some data to help us choose the correct method of attachment and allow us to monitor the work . There are three basic types of wood placement :

Parquet . Small and short boards (several sizes ) placed recessed forming different designs ( for example , basket weave or herringbone ) . May be nailed or glued to the folder with special adhesives .

Decking . Long tables are arranged in parallel. They come in different lengths and widths. Typically used with a width of 8 to 9 cm . and up to 1 mt. Long, but also in other tables are obtained measurements . May be nailed or glued  with special adhesives .

Wooden Paving . Long tables arranged as on the court , but nailed to the floor with screws , topped with wooden caps in sight. These caps are usually darker than the floor tone.There are a lot of manufacturers of hardwood floors, offers you West Coast Flooring widely available brands that guarantee the quality of the material supplied as well as our extensive experience in the installation thereof.
We represent many brands of hardwood floors ask or chat to our floor specialist and schedule an appointment. if you are busy, we go to you home

A beautiful floor is the foundation for a beautiful home. No other flooring offers the beauty and value offered by the hardwood floor. Solana Beach Hardwood Flooring offer you a variety of brands, colors and styles of hardwood floors, call to 877-221-0430 or chat with a Hardwood floor expert today and request an appointment at your location Home – Office


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