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Solana Beach Natural Stone Flooring

West Coast Flooring offers a wide variety of Natural Stone that have great quality and elegance for you, to decorate the interior of your home with all the purity and beauty of natural stones.

Natural Stone

As material for interior finishing, as stone has outstanding features durability, weight and presence. Natural stone is strong and stable to live with. It has a rich, beautiful surface and has a confident, timeless “presence” in any room. The rooms with stone walls and floors up to the surface structure resulting image of solidity and power.

The stone seems immutable material and has a high resistance , which led to her most religious buildings such as pyramids, temples and cathedrals are built.

Like any natural material is subject to wear and the effects of aging . Unlike other materials, this process takes place in the very long term. For proper maintenance is required , depending on the type of stone sealing and cleaning with solvents or special soaps .

Offers a variety of colors and striking surfaces : black, blue , purple , green, red tones , smooth , sharp , wrinkled textures , finishes striated , dotted , vetted , Crystal . Each type of stone has different characteristics regarding porosity , wear resistance and texture . The choice depends on the use you want to give .

In interiors, you would typically use in floors (stairs , flooring ), but also as a coating for walls, fireplaces, covered in kitchens , baths and sinks.

Depending on the type of stone , its price varies , but compared to other materials is usually a very long lasting material that ultimately ends up being very economical.
Types of Stone

Granite Floors.

Domestically can be used in different sizes and thicknesses. Flooring , wall coverings , work surfaces or decks .

Individual blocks or rough textured pavers are often used in soil outdoors. The choice of granite tile is more convenient than in slabs due to the high cost of the latter.

Natural stone is strong and stable. It has a rich and beautiful surface. It has a confident, timeless “presence” in any room. Natural stone has outstanding features durability, weight and presence. Our New Store in Solana Beach offers you a variety of Natural Stone to select the best Stone call to 877-221-0430 or chat with a Natural Stone expert today. We offer you appointment at your location Home – Office


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